Friday, April 29, 2016

Reseller Stuff: Picking & Grinning Haul

When people ask how I can stand rummaging through other people's old junk, I think of days like this. After all, finding treasures is in our DNA. Wasn't the sunken Titanic discovered by seekers of lost treasure?

Here's my most recent haul:

Left to right, top to bottom: (All from Goodwill)

1. Complete crewel stitch vintage stocking.  Pd. $1. Hoping for $30+
2. Wilton vintage wedding cake topper Pd. 3.99. Should sell for $15.
3. Woman's Day 1975 Granny Squares crochet book. Pd. 1.99. In booth for $12.
4. New in package '90s Yahtzee Game. Pd. 1.99. Selling for $15-35 new.
5. 6 Melamine from England tablemats. Pd. $3.99. Selling for $25-30.
6. Quimper design biscuit tin. Pd. $2.99. Selling for $18. Keeping for now.
7. Playskool blocks. Pd. $4.99. In booth for $12.
8. Carved owl with baby owl inside. Pd. $1.99. In booth for $10.
9. Kimberly Hodges Hallmark serving set. Pd. $6.99. Hoping for $50.

Left to right, top to bottom: (All from Goodwill)
1. Silver-plated pheasant. Pd. $4.99. Hoping for $12.
2. Kosta Swedish Glass candle holder. Pd. $3.99. Selling for $45.
3. 4 Mezzaluna shot glasses. Pd. $1.99. Hoping for $25.
4. Laurel Burch purse. Pd. $5.99. Hoping for $15.
5. Naturalizer sandals. Pd. $6.99. Should sell for $20.
6. Thunderbirds Air Force Show cap. Pd. $2.99. Hoping for $20.
7. School memories keepsake book. Pd. $ 1.99. Hoping for $15.
8. Japanese Motorcycles book. Pd. 1.99. Hoping for $25.
9. Auto Biography car book. Pd. $1.99. Hoping for $15.

And now, my best find of the haul. I had picked up a few of these items at the third Goodwill I had gone to. (There are 5 small ones in my town.) I hadn't found anything great. I was on my third and final pass. I picked up a not-so-intersting looking vase to see the maker's name on the bottom, and it said, "Cartier." My first thought was, "Cartier? Like the jewelry company?' I put the info in my phone and found this:

Yes! They make a line of tableware with the same pattern. Here is mine listed for $199 with Best Offer. Pd. $4.99.

Total spent:$67.82
Hoping to earn : $500

So for all the naysayers out there, this is why I rummage through other people's old junk!

Happy hunting!   ~Lisa

Have any great finds lately? Share in the comments below.