Sunday, May 8, 2016

Reseller Stuff: Eye of the Beholder/Ugly Sells

Kate Spade cover for an IPad Mini. Pd. $1. Listing for $49.
My husband and I are currently doing some remodeling on our house. It was built in 1973 and has most of the original flooring and counter tops. We've lived here for 13 years and turned a blind eye to the house's less desirable features. We are now in a position to renovate.

I don't trust myself when it comes to decorating. Even though my mother was an interior decorator, only my sister seemed to inherit her sense of taste. My problem is that I can't see the forest for the trees. I will find a picture I like or may be a lamp, but I can't seem to pull it all together for a cohesive design. For this remodel, I've relied on Pinterest and the advice of others. It's too much money to spend to mess it up.

That brings me to my point: There's no accounting for taste. What I think is adorable, you may think is hideous. That's why I don't pass up "ugly" when I am out thrifting. If something is made well (a quality product), someone is going to love it. More than that, the "ugly" listing will stand out from the others. I have a perfect example of this in my sales for the week.

This week's sales:

(Left to right, top to bottom.)
1. Hippie Peace symbol NIP shower curtain. Pd.$4.99, sold for $12.
2. Brighton Pencil Pak. Pd. $1.99, sold for $10.
3. Oil derrick table lighter. Pd. $12, sold for $30.
4. Duck boot scraper. Pd. $16, sold for $30.
5. My dog Kiki!
6. Mid-Century signed serigraph. Pd. $0, sold for $100.
7. Cat figurine. Pd. $.99, sold for $5.
8. Burberry tie. Pd. 41.99, sold for $22.99.
9. Michael Simon Tweety Bird sweater. Pd. $15, sold for $95. Yep. This is the "ugly" I was talking about! I knew $15 was a lot to pay for a sweater to resell, but I knew in my gut I would make money. The only similar one on Ebay was listed for around $50. I listed mine for $95 because I thought it was more striking. The buyer offered $80, but I was at an event where I had my phone off. She must have gotten nervous when I didn't respond for a few hours and went ahead and bought it at full price.

I've been listing mostly vintage finds lately and nothing from the rack of clothes that have piled up. I think that's why my sales have been down lately. My plan for this week is to list clothes. Some people call them the "bread and butter" of their store. I need some bread and butter; man cannot live on dessert alone!

Happy thrifting!  ~Lisa

What is your "bread and butter" to sell? Leave comments below.


  1. How did you score the mid-century print for free?!

  2. It's from my personal collection.