Monday, May 2, 2016

Reseller Stuff: Using EBay Auctions to Sell Stale Inventory

A common saying for Ebay sellers is, "List it and forget it." For the most part, I subscribe to that philosophy. However, there are times when I just get tired of looking at old inventory.

This is especially true with items I bought or listed before I had a better idea of what sells. Sure, everything sells eventually, but I don't have storage space to hold items long enough to turn vintage! 

Sometimes, you just want to unload stuff.

EBay has a new feature (maybe only if you have a store) that alerts you when inventory has sat for six months or longer. I'm not one to go back and re-take pictures or add new keywords, but I do drop prices occasionally. However, often times it makes no difference. 

I recently started looking at some of my old listings. It reminded me of looking in the closet at a rack full of clothes and feeling like I have nothing to wear. Face it, sometimes we just get sick of the old stuff. So I put 10 of my items up for auction starting at 99 cents, and 5 of them sold. I didn't make much, but it was better than re-donating them. EBay's algorithm likes sales, so perhaps those six sales boosted my ranking in searches for my other items. Who knows.

Here's what I sold:
Liberty House Hawaiian Shirt sold for $5.50

Ricatto Shirt sold for $3.75

 Hawaiian Togs Shirt sold for $9.50

Hawaiian Blues Shirt sold for $5.50

Harley-Davidson t-shirt sold for $10.50

If you just look at the sold prices, none are very high. But if you look at the total of $34.75, it's not too bad. There are plenty of days when I don't sell that amount. Consider auctions for getting rid of old merchandise.

Happy thrifting.  -Lisa

Do you sell with auctions or Buy it Now? How's it working for you?

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